Dr Shirin Akiner
Dr Shirin Akiner, Chairman, The British-Uzbek Society

Welcome to The British-Uzbek Society!

My name is Shirin Akiner and I am the current Chairman of the British Uzbek Society (BUS). I have been studying and visiting Uzbekistan and the neighbouring states for some forty years ‒ and I still find the region as enchanting, baffling, intriguing and ineffably beautiful as I did the first time I went there. So I welcome this opportunity to work with BUS to highlight some of the richness, variety and sophistication of Uzbek culture. As befits a country that lies at the crossroads of Eurasia, and was for long a hub on the ancient Silk Roads, it has been shaped by events and influences from north and south, east and west. Today, after a period of relative isolation, more and more people from the UK are beginning to visit the country and to form their own impressions. The British Uzbek Society wants to support this journey of exploration by creating channels of communication and contact.


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What is the Website About?

The aim of the website is to provide a channel of communication, contact and outreach for the British Uzbek Society. We try to present interesting and useful information about Uzbekistan and, in the widest sense, its culture. This is not a website about tourism, but it does cover some topics that are of interest to tourists. Our contribution is to add social and historical context. So, for example, in the sections on education, theatres and museums, we try to give some idea of how and why these institutions were created and how they have evolved – this in itself chronicles the changing political environment. We hope this website will encourage you to find out more about the country, to learn something of its ancient historical roots and modern mind-set; its ability to adapt to change, to absorb new trends while retaining its unique character.