Recent Uzbek Cinema and Its Contexts – Talk by Birgit Beumers, Professor Emeritus in Film Studies, Aberystwyth University

Thursday, 19 March 2020, Uzbekistan Embassy


This talk will explore some trends in recent Uzbek cinema, both in terms of its industry structures and film production mechanisms, and in terms of the status of Uzbek cinema in Central Asia and beyond. For this purpose, I look specifically at some films by filmmakers such as Yolkin Tuichev, Rashid Malikov and Zulfikar Musakov, but also the films, installations and video projects of Paris-based Saodat Ismailova. I address questions of film aesthetics to determine the extent to which Uzbek cinema is integrated into discourses of the regions (specifically other Central Asian countries) and of Russian cinema.


Birgit Beumers is Professor Emeritus in Film Studies, Aberystwyth University (UK). She specialises in Russian culture, cinema and theatre, and the cinemas of Central Asia. She has published widely on Russian and Central Asian cinema, including A History of Russian Cinema (2009), Cinema in Central Asia: Rewriting Cultural Histories (2013), and A Companion to Russian Cinema (2016). She is editor of the book series KINO (Bloomsbury), and KinoSputniks (intellect), as well as the journals KinoKultura (online) and Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema (Taylor & Francis).