Uzbek Embassy and BUS jointly hold their annual Summer Party. It was a splendid event of music, dance and feasting. The celebrity chef Chusti and his team had flown in from Tashkent the day before to take charge of the culinary preparations. They brought with them fruits and essential fresh ingredients. The fine wines were also from Uzbekistan. The tables were piled with salads, tasty somsa (dumplings) and many other delicacies. Expectations were raised as tantalising smells wafted across the grounds from the shashlik grill stand, and from the onions sizzling  in the great cauldron in which Chusti was starting to prepare his signature dish, the ‘seven-wonders plov’. This is a unique creation that contains seven ‘surprise’ delicacies tucked away in the basic rice mixture. A triumph! Meanwhile, the musicians gave demonstration performances on giant brass trumpets – in the past, these instruments were used to signal the start of momentous events, whether a family wedding or a great state occasion.  Guests were invited to try their hand at playing these instruments themselves – not easy, given the weight and length of the trumpets. It was a wonderful evening, full of laughter and friendly conversation. The main surprise was that although some 150 guests had been invited, over 170 people actually turned up!

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