Meet Hafiza Nuritdinova, a ten-year old girl from Southeast London. Although her parents (members of the British Uzbek Society) are from Uzbekistan, Hafiza has never been to her country of origin and grew up in the UK. A model student, she dreams of becoming an inventor when she grows up.

Hafiza has recently become involved in raising awareness for children with cancer in her native Uzbekistan. It was prompted by her finding information about child cancer patients on various pages on Facebook. Determined to help, she began researching information about cancer in Uzbekistan. This made her want to do something about it. She decided to become a vegetarian for two weeks in order to raise awareness for her cause. So, with the help of her parents, she started the ‘gofundme’ campaign. Initially she did not expect to do well, but to her surprise the response was overwhelming. She has already raised almost three times the amount she initially targeted and the campaign is still going strong.

With the help of volunteers in Uzbekistan, all of the money generated will be distributed to children and teenagers suffering from cancer in Uzbekistan. Once the campaign is over, a full photo report will be posted in her page. Here is the link to her campaign page:

BUS members who want to help should get in touch with Hafiza directly, via her web page.