Elena (Potayenko) Jones has a career spanning over 25 years in various multinational Blue Chip companies from BAE Systems to Fluor to WorleyParsons.

Elena gained valuable insight by running non for profit organisation KOGIG which promoted UK SME business interests (supply chain) in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas market. As part of it she worked closely with the UK Government (UKTI and DTI at the time) and large international oil and gas majors operating in the region. Her aim was to develop and implement cross countries cooperation between UK and Kazakh companies.

In her most recent employment Elena held a position of Government Relations and Business Development Director responsible for Central Asian region where she dealt with Governments of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan as well as UK at various levels. She was instrumental in promoting and growing UK business in Central Asia, setting up a joint venture with local partners, negotiating multi-million contracts in oil and gas, power, minerals and metals, infrastructure and environmental sectors. Elena has always been passionate about identifying areas for a potential cooperation and developing links and bridges between countries, about training local staff and growing local expertise in Central Asian countries as a foundation for a successful and fruitful international business development.

Elena has a Masters degree, MBA and a PhD. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan she relocated to the UK in 1995 but retained connection to Central Asia throughout her career. Elena is passionate about Uzbek culture and heritage.