10th December 2020, Thursday, 6.00 PM – 7.30 PM (London time)


Tiffany Coates is the world’s foremost female motorcycle adventurer, having crossed every continent on two wheels, some of them several times. She was the first motorcyclist to cross Asia on all three classic routes – north to Tokyo, centre to Beijing and south to Singapore. She is also globally recognised as a leading freelance motorcycle tour guide specialising in leading groups of riders not only across Asia but also through Latin America and Africa. Tiffany enjoys nothing more than sharing her passion for two-wheeled travel in remote parts of the globe with others. Her talks are in demand all over the world and when not on the road she lives in Lands End on the windswept Atlantic coastline.



Any journey across Central Asia is challenging and for a woman on a motorcycle perhaps doubly so. Tiffany Coates has a fascination for the region and has criss-crossed the Stans several times on her motorbike spending a lot of time in Uzbekistan along the way. As well as flying in and hiring a motorbike, she has twice ridden the 5,000 miles from her home in the UK to Central Asia.

Tiffany finds that travelling by motorbike involves being immersed in the landscapes and culture surrounding her as well as being a great icebreaker – because everyone wants to know why this foreign woman is riding such a big motorbike so far from home. Illustrated by her superb photographs Tiffany will share her fascinating stories of life riding the Silk Road; the incredible people she meets as well as the perils and the highlights.

This talk will encompass some of her Uzbek experiences from crossing the dreaded Kyzyl-Kum Desert and camping wild to accepting hospitality in the most unlikely places; giving areas that you may already know a unique perspective – that of a motorcycle explorer.

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