Founded: 2014
Address: Ziyolilar str 9, Mirzo Ulugbek district, Tashkent
Student nos: Approx. 370

IUT was established on the initiative of President Karimov, in partnership with the Inha University in Seoul (South Korea). Priority subjects are management, information technology and logistics. Advanced learning management systems are used, based on ‘Smart Class’ technology. In January 2016, IUT established its Innovations and Industry Cooperation Centre, which supports research and innovation, encourages technology transfer, and acts as an incubator for start-ups. It also allows students to develop professional skills. IUT provides a laboratory where undergraduate students can engage in web and mobile development and provide various IT-services to customers. A delightful feature of IUT is its ‘open doors policy’: visitors are free to enter its premises and to participate in such activities as weekend classes for children, where young enthusiasts learn to write their own programmes. Several companies, notably Samsung, KT, and SAP have established information stands in the lobby of the main building, where they showcase their latest technologies; Microsoft, Hanjin Group, and Korean Air are currently preparing similar stands. As in other foreign universities in Uzbekistan, tuition is in English. Some staff members are from Korea, others are Uzbek. There are scholarships and other facilities to support student-staff exchange visits between Korea and Uzbekistan.


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