It would take a whole book to describe all the treasures of Uzbekistan. In Tashkent alone there are over 25 museums and a long list of historic sites. Each collection and each monument gives a unique insight into the life and changing cultural (and political) environment. Guide books usually provide a good general section of ‘must visit’ places. However, it is worth checking tourist websites and seeking advice from local people to discover more unusual or specialised museums and sites. ‘House museums’ in the former homes of important cultural and political figures of the past century ‒ such as Faizulla Khojaev (1896-1938) in Bukhara, or Usman Yusupov (1900-1966) in Tashkent ‒ are often neglected by tourists, yet they offer unique insights into the tumultuous history of modern Uzbekistan and reveal something of the intimate social fabric of life in those times.

It is impossible here to do justice to all the noteworthy places of interest so just a few personal favourites are presented here.


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