Founded: 1918
Address:  4 Universitet Ko’chasi, Tashkent 100174, Uzbekistan
Student nos: Over 10,000; structure: 13 schools (academic departments).

This is the oldest and largest university of Uzbekistan. Founded in 1918, in the wake of the disintegration of the Tsarist Empire, it was originally known as the People’s University. In 1920, it was renamed the Turkistan State University, then the Central Asian State University (1923) and later the Tashkent the State University (1960). Since 14 September 1995, it has been called the Mirzo Ulugbek National University of Uzbekistan. NUU has educational partnerships with numerous international academic institutions in Europe, the Middle East, also East and South-East Asia. NUU collaborates closely with the EU TEMPUS programme, particularly in the field of ‘Geoinformatics’ and related disciplines. This department (in 1921 by Professor N. I. Lebedensky) has an established international record of research in such fields as geodesy, cartography and cadastre.


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