Report on the talk by Andrew Staniland on his translations of the 12 Ghazals of Alisher Navoiy and 14 Poems of Abdulhamid Chol’pon

On 30th September 2021, British-Uzbek Society jointly with the Uzbekistan Embassy in London hosted the launch of the book by Andrew Staniland, an English Romantic poet whose poems are classical in style and whose source of inspiration is contemporary spiritual practice. It was the first live event after the 18 months break caused by the pandemic.

Andrew shared his experiences of collaborating with two Uzbek translators who helped him to create a collection of English translations of 12 Ghazals of Alisher Navoiy and 14 Poems of Abdulhamid Chol’pon. His most recent collection, “A New Diwan (h/t Alisher Navoiy)”, published in 2020 is a sequence of short poems inspired by Alisher Navoiy, the 15th century poet who wrote his poems in Chagatai (an old Turkic language, from which the modern Uzbek language originated). Abdulhamid Cho’lpon was an Uzbek poet, one of Central Asia’s most popular poets during the first half of the 20th century.  Andrew recited his translations of the ghazals and poems with feeling and passion. The audience really enjoyed the
talk and asked many questions during the Q&A. The guests were then invited to a wonderful reception hosted by the Embassy, where they tried the authentic Uzbek plovsamsa and even a melon brought all the way from Tashkent!

The printed book is available on Amazon…/dp/B09BGN8W2M