Shavkat Inamov, who joined the Executive Committee of the British Uzbek Society in 2018, brings a wealth of experience in Insurance, Investment, Finance and Banking. He has a strong background in corporate governance, risk management, business and management consulting, as well as quantitative/qualitative research and analysis skills. He also has broad knowledge of political developments on a global scale, with a particular emphasis on emerging market economies. His personal background combines high level academic achievements with practical business experience.  His first degree (1989-1991, Lomonosov Moscow State University) was in Physics, with special reference to Applied Physics and Geophysics. After Uzbekistan gained independence, Shavkat switched his career interests to economics, public policy and public administration, taking Master’s Degree at universities in Tashkent (MA degree) and Tokyo (MPA degree).  From 1998-2003, he held a number of senior positions at the National Bank of Uzbekistan, Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, including such positions as Head of International Financial Institutions and Senior Adviser to the Governor of the EBRD, ADB and World Bank Group from Uzbekistan. Among his other professional activities, he has been a Board Member of the Asian Bankers Association, and the Association of Development Finance Institutions of Asia and Pacific, as well as a Member of the International Union of Credit & Investment Insurers (also known as Berne Union) in 2005-2015.

From 2005-2008, he was a senior executive of UZBEKINVEST, Uzbekistan’s National Export-Import Insurance Company, based in Tashkent, and National Consultant of several UNDP projects in Uzbekistan. From 2008-2015, he was a Chief Executive Officer of UIIC (political risk insurance company, affiliated to Uzbekinvest) and AIGU (underwriting company, member of AIG Group), both based in London.

Currently his activities include investment and business advisory, working in close cooperation and partnership with European credit information bureaus and credit management services providers (worldwide). Since 2005, he has been a member of the Uzbek-British Trade and Industry Council (UBTIC), likewise of the British Uzbek Society (BUS). He has native-speaker proficiency in Uzbek and Russian, excellent English, also knowledge of other Turkic and Slavic languages at various levels. As a member of the BUS Executive Committee, his particular goal is to strengthen our links with the British and Uzbek business community.