Talk on Resurrection? A Saiga Saga by Prof. Milner-Gulland (University of Oxford) & Talk on Mud, Oil, Tea: Infrastructure Development & Wildlife Conservation in the Ustyurt Plateau by Dr Bull (University of Kent) – 12th February 2021

On 12th February 2021, British-Uzbek Society hosted two outstanding speakers and scientists working on the environmental issues of the Aral Sea region to preserve its spectacular wildlife and improve livelihoods of its residents.

Professor Milner-Gulland (University of Oxford) shared her ideas as to how ecological and social disaster might be transformed into a hopeful and prosperous future. Dr Joe Bull (University of Kent) argued that that both – nature and industry – are necessary if we are to safeguard the wellbeing of people who live in the region, and how it might be possible to expand infrastructure whilst also protecting Uzbekistan’s spectacular wildlife.

Both talks are now available on the British-Uzbek Society you-tube channel: