In January 1918, Grand Duke Nikolai Konstantinovich Romanov (grandson of Tsar Nicholas I), who had lived in exile in Tashkent for many years, died. Almost immediately, his art collection was nationalised and opened to the public as the ‘Museum of the People’s University’. It was the first public art collection to be displayed in Central Asia. The exhibits ‒ including paintings, sculptures, furniture, pieces of porcelain and crystal ‒ were valuable not only as individual objects, but collectively they provided a vivid insight into the ‘aristocratic taste’ of the day. Other art works were subsequently donated by museums in Russia or acquired from private sources. In 1935 the collection acquired its present name. Today, it has a varied collection of Western European exhibits, important paintings by Russian artists (several of whom lived and worked in Uzbekistan), and an outstanding collection of works by modern Uzbek artists.

Address: 16 Amir Temur Avenue, Tashkent

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