Founded: 2009
Address: 17 Niyazov Street, Kichik Khalka Yuli, Tashkent
Student nos: Approx. 350

The Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent was established by presidential decree, in accordance with the requirements of the Uzbek National Program for Personnel Training. TPIU, a branch of the prestigious Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy), functions in partnership with the university district authorities of Tashkent city. The priority task for TPIU is the training of highly-qualified specialists for the Uzbekistan’s emerging automotive, machine-building and energy industries. The Institute focuses on applied scientific research and practical experience using cutting-edge technologies; it encourages individual thinking and personal development. Agreements with leading Uzbek companies (“Uzavtosanoat” and “General Motors–Powertrain”) enable students to visit production plants to learn at first-hand about production and working practices. They also familiarise themselves with on-site management, technical processes, and negotiation techniques in dealing with foreign companies and joint-ventures. TPIU Tashkent retains close ties with the parent institute in Italy, underpinned by staff and student exchanges. TPIU has also established extensive cooperation with the General Motors Company. The study of English is prioritised, so that graduates will be able to think and operate using English terminology, and thus to converse directly with foreign technical specialists and producers, without the aid of interpreters.


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