UK-Uzbek Scientific and Education Council

The idea originated initially within the Executive Committee of the British-Uzbek Society (BUS). It is now rapidly moving to the stage where concrete projects will be identified and funding to implement them sought.

President Mirziyoyev has emphasised his wish for close co-operation with other countries including the UK, and his support for education and creative research. The Council’s function will be to encourage and facilitate the building of lasting relationships between Uzbekistan and United Kingdom research and education.

It will enable a strategic link between expertise in British universities and Uzbek institutions. It will do this by bringing together, from both countries, leading experts of research, university teaching, and national government. Its work will focus on creating very specific paths where joint UK – Uzbek research and education will lead to concrete results in pursuit of Uzbek economic development objectives.

We continue to work closely with the Embassy of Uzbekistan in London, the British Embassy in Uzbekistan, the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Uzbekistan, the British Council and universities in the UK and Uzbekistan.

Through the website we will update you and extend invitations to events held jointly with BUS.


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