Founded: 12 May 1992
Address Kichik Xalqa Road, block 21-a, Uchtepa district, Tashkent
Student nos: Over 5,000

This was the first new university to be created post-independence. Contacts with the global community were increasing exponentially and there was an urgent need to expand knowledge of foreign languages throughout society, from street level to high-powered international negotiators. To this end, President Islam Karimov decreed the establishment of USUWL. It was formed on the basis of existing institutes of foreign languages and literatures, but improved teaching and research standards in all areas of theoretical and applied linguistics and philology. Special attention is paid to preparing ‘teachers of teachers’ by introducing innovative pedagogical methods throughout the educational system. Translation and interpretation skills are also prioritised. Currently, over 15 major languages are taught, including Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, German, Korean, Japanese and Turkish. USUWL collaborates with a wide range of partner institutions in Europe and Asia.


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