Academic background is science, environment and medieval history. She worked in publishing while studying and relocated in 1980 to London where she lives ever since. She established Pro Art as an art gallery in 1990 but it soon became a cultural centre for the Balkan culture and Central-East Europe. Pro Art became a non-profit company in 2004. The focus of her activities are stil in education, cultural heritage and art. She became an expert in multidisciplinary informal and non-formal education especially related to EU countries and she works in European funded projects since 2006. Vesna’s competence is wide, especially in organizing high profile events, conferences, international exhibitions and her experience is also in trade promotions, marketing and PR for luxury–life magazine. Vesna’a work is published as many articles, studies, books, catalogues and conference presentations. Her last book The Serbian Medieval Cultural Heritage was published in 2013 and she promoted it at British Parliament together with the related exhibition, also at Columbia University, Harriman Institute for International Relations and The Library of Congress. She is the director of the Legacy Routes Ltd, consultants in cultural- economic, entrepreneurial and international relations and ethical investment opportunities.

Vesna gives talks and workshops on various history and heritage subjects, health and lifestyle and the environmental issues e.g. plastic in the environment. She works pro-bono with women, children and young people from the diverse background and encourages them to create and discover their potentials and talents.