Lecture, Master-Class and Live Performance by “USTAZODA” Ensemble (Tashkent)

30th April 2021, Friday, 13:00-14.30 (UK) / 17.00-18.30 (Tashkent)

British-Uzbek Society in collaboration with Uzbekistan Embassy in the UK, The Committee of The Interethnic Relations and Research Centre ‘School of Makam’ is organising a webinar “Maqom and Modern Music”.

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Uzbek maqom is a classical musical art which is grounded in a strictly-systematic and theoretically enriched musical tradition, going back to the centuries and passed on from one generation to another. It is a refined genre of music, with lyrics derived from Sufi poems about divine love. Countries located along historical Silk Roads brought to life a great diversity of maqom performances which, in 2008, were inscribed to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: Shashmaqom Music (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan), Azerbaijani Mugham (Azerbaijan), Iraqi Maqam (Iraq) and Uyghur Muqam of Xinjiang (China).

There are several local regional schools and traditions of maqom in Uzbekistan – each with its own distinctive features, history, style and compositions, such as: Shashmaqom in Bukhara, Samarkand and Shakhrisyabz; Tashkent and Fergana maqoms in Fergana Valley; Khorezm maqoms in Khorezm Region. Over the centuries, maqom has absorbed a wealth of information on the musical history and theory of the region as well as poetic texts in the classical Persian and local court Turkish (Chagatai) languages.

This webinar offers a unique opportunity to learn about the history of traditional Uzbek maqom and its adaptation to contemporary trends, observe a master class by Abror Zufarov (Head of the Research Centre of “Maqom School”) and enjoy wonderful pieces of the Uzbek maqomat performed (live!) by the best performers of Uzbekistan.